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Owner and Lead Product Designer                                  6-2013 to 12-2015                             Comingle, LLC

Founded an IoT-focused product company that crowdfunded $50,000 in 30 days. Defined product vision, roadmap and business model. Conducted competitive analysis and customer validation. Created and maintained timelines, budgets, forecasts, models, and bills of materials. Sourced component suppliers and contract manufacturers. Produced pitch-decks and sought investment. Coordinated marketing campaign that led to articles on high-traffic websites (Vice, FastCompany, etc.) and a cover article in Creative Loafing. Generated design documents and 3D models, and prototyped circuits, physical components and manufacturing techniques.

Project Director                                                              5-2014 to 5-2016                               Synlab – Georgia Tech

Proposed and led the design, development, and user testing of a virtual reality and physical object base based interface for engaging spatial cognition that combined Oculus Rift, Unity 3D, and tabletop computing. Obtained government funding. Hired teams of students. Produced design briefs, timelines, budgets, and bills of materials. Organized and led user-centered design workshops to refine the design. Exhibited project at multiple conferences and published the results.

Lead Experience Designer                                                8-2012 to present                             Synlab – Georgia Tech

Lead teams of designers, engineers, software developers and artists to create haptic-feedback and gesture-based interactive narrative experiences and a multi-touch tabletop and projection-mapping based gallery installation. Presented designs and worked with executive-level stakeholders to define and align product requirements. Developed timelines, budgets and bills of materials. Reviewed and critiqued industrial, user-experience, and interaction designers’ work, and worked with animators and videographers to ensure content aligned with project goals. Produced, reviewed, and presented documentation needed to align clients, developers, engineers, and content producers throughout the duration of the projects.

User Experience Design Intern                                         5-2012 to 8-2012                               IXR – Intel

Designed, developed and tested five automotive-focused user experience prototypes in ten weeks. Performed landscape research, user needs assessment, storyboading, wireframming, prototype development, user testing and documentation. Created patented intellectual property.

Interaction and Experience Designer                               8-2010 to 5-2012                               Synlab – Georgia Tech

Designed free-hand gestural interactions for TV-like interactive narrative experience. Created storyboards, prototypes and flow-diagrams to align design, development and narrative teams. Conducted user-experience research to refine the design for future iterations.

Research Assistant                                                          8-2009 to 8-2010                             Synlab – Georgia Tech

Designed and developed multi-touch tabletop sketching application for supporting collaborative work. Engineered circuits and physical interfaces to sense body movement, and developed software to interface with 3D game engines, for a system that mapped body-movements to 3D avatars in real time. Designed and developed mobile apps for controlling interactive narratives.

Lab Manager                                                                    8-2008 to 8-2009                            Synlab – Georgia Tech

Managed purchasing and fulfillment. Advised project teams on suppliers. Worked with all lab users to ensure availability of space and components. Organized and maintained inventory of lab equipment. Managed physical lab access and worked with IT to maintain lab computers.

Technical Writer                                                               4-2007 to 8-2008                           Shoap Technical Services

Produced professional quality manuals, API and functional requirements specifications, and online help guides for the credit card processing industry.

Logistics Analyst                                                              1-2006 to 4-2007                           Alfred Karcher Inc.

Researched, reported on and negotiated contract manufacturing terms. Managed inventory using SAP. Wrote and compiled a training manual for common SAP tasks. Streamlined the customs invoicing process using VBA macros for MS Excel.

Media Production                                                              2005 to 2017                                 Independent

Edited and published two multi-author short fiction collections. Founded, produced and hosted two radio shows for WREK Atlanta: Sci Fi Lab – a monthly magazine-format talk show, and New Forces – a weekly garage rock show. Recorded audio for two independent films, which were screened nationally at multiple film festivals.


Project Management: Agile development, SCRUM, Requirement specifications, Timelines, Budgets, User needs finding, Competitive analysis, MS Office, Service Now, Visio

Design: Web, Mobile, IoT, Interactive Surfaces, Projection mapping, VR/AR, User centered design, Personas, Storyboarding, Wireframming, Iterative prototyping, Sketch UX, Balsamiq, Adobe Creative Suite, Fusion 360

Development: Full stack web development, GIT, Swagger, Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Unity 3D, Arduino and electronics, Silicone molding and casting, 3D modeling and printing


Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Digital Media – Completed May 2016

Dissertation: “Spatial Cognition Based Design of Embodied Interfaces for Engaging Spatial Cognition”.

Committee: Dr. Ali Mazalek, Dr. Michael Nitsche, Dr. Timothy Welsh, Dr. Sanjay Chandrasekharan, and Dr. Hugh Crawford.

Defines a design space for embodied interfaces that engage different aspects of spatial cognition and a set of design guidelines for creating interfaces that attempt to support, augment, or alter spatial skills.

M.S. Digital Media – May 2010

Masters Project: "WorkTop: A Multi-touch Tabletop Sketching Application for Interdisciplinary Design Collaboration".

Committee: Dr. Ali Mazalek, Dr. Michael Nitsche, and Dr. Jon Sanford.

Researched and developed tabletop and other tangible interfaces for collaborative work, games, interactive narrative control, and cognitive science research.

B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering – December 2005

Honors:  President’s Undergraduate Research Award Grant, Deans List

Coursework: Java Programming, Circuits and Electronics, Human Integrated Systems, Simulations, Databases, Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Methods, Queuing Theory, and Optimization.


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Montesinos, Carlos R.; Fang, Victoria S.; Clifton, Paul; Nguyen, Truc; Ekandem, Joshua I.; Dunbar, Jerone. Automotive Camera Vehicle Integration. US Patent 20140267730, filed 03/15/2013, and issued 09/18/2014.



Embodied Digital Media: Research/Design – 1-2014 to 5-2014 RTA School of Media – Ryerson University

Taught wireframing, storyboarding, brainstorming techniques, and low and high fidelity prototyping to a team of undergraduate students in order to design an embodied interactive system that supports spatial skills.

Principles of Interaction Design (Phys Comp)    5-2013 to 8-2013    School of LMC – Georgia Tech

Developed proposal and syllabus for the first physical computing based version of an interaction design course for third year computational media students at Georgia Tech. Taught 15 students basic electronics and interaction design skills through designing, building and evaluating physical computing prototypes based on the Arduino platform.

Experimental Media - Teaching Assistant    Spring 2010, 2011, 2012    Georgia Tech

Wrote and taught classes on electronics, wireless communication and physical fabrication. Helped students design and develop interactive play spaces for outdoor installation, a puppet show in which the puppets controlled a 3D visualization in real time, and embodied interfaces that map the physical movements of one animal on to virtual movements of a different animal.


Digital Media Student Committee        1-2014 to Present    Digital Media – Georgia Tech

Founded, recruited members for, and participated in a committee aimed at increasing communication between Digital Media students and faculty in order to raise awareness about issues faced by the students and increase participation by students in department level initiatives. Supported increased student participation in faculty candidate search, promotion of our program to outside organizations, and the creation of a class which will facilitate interdepartmental awareness of the broad research initiatives within out department.

WIP Program Committee – TEI 2014    8-2013 to 1-2014    TEI 2014 – Munich, Germany

Found reviewers, collected reviews, and wrote meta-reviews for the Work in Progress track of the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions 2014 conference.

Reviewer – TEI 2012 – Present    2012 – Present    TEI Conference

Reviewed conference paper submissions for the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions conferences since 2012.